Saturday, October 15, 2011

Community Activism Begins at Home

In the Phoenix area about 1,581 adults are on the street without shelter and 4,308 adults and children are in emergency and transitional shelters each night (2013). Rev. Wellington and her Once-A-Month Church provided over 1,235 meals to the poor and homeless in local parks in central Phoenix in 2013. During her teaching of "Community Activism Begins at Home," congregations and groups will have the opportunity to learn how to love as God loves, to embrace those who are poor and homeless as one with them in their community. Class discrimination toward the homeless is prevalent in our society. Dorothy reveals the discrimination and explains ways to reach them through Love, Respect and Dignity. Community activism begins at home, changing our personal attitudes, judgments and criticisms against others and teaching our children likewise. We all can make a difference, one person at a time! (Matthew 25:34-42)

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