Friday, August 7, 2015

Self-Esteem Healing Homelessness

Self-Esteem building is the missing link for community programs designed to reach the poor and homeless for sustainable outcomes and success. Objectives will involve participants learning the internal barriers beyond basic survival needs that must be addressed for the poor and homeless to reach their life plans and goals; they will gain an understanding into the effect of low self-esteem in comparison to individuals who live in poverty and homeless. Participants will learn how to incorporate teaching material into their community programs, behavioral health groups, church and faith-based outreach programs. Her community outreach to the poor and homeless in central Phoenix, 2006-2016, ended the last year with 100 people who had obtained homes and apartments, 100 with cell phones and 175 people with email addresses who had learned basic computer skills from the local library. On the last meeting day, one senior participant was so proud to have purchased his own used van! They learned at every meeting that they were "Super Stars" and not homeless people living in poverty.