Saturday, August 13, 2016


"I have become an expert at going through many life hardships and illness, to have gained wisdom in them and be a minister in the hands of God. I teach God-inspired Life Skills so people can live each day in peace, love and joy no matter their circumstances." Since 1980 thousands have received in classes, workshops and sermons that they were Powerful People, even to the homeless on the street! Everyone will Be More once leaving a meeting with Rev. Dorothy Wellington.

Published in 2015, "Words Are Your Life." This book will give you an quantum leap out of stress, burdens and hardships. Some people believe that their spoken words have little or no effect on themselves, others and their circumstances. Once they leave prayer and devotion times, their words change. Your words and intentions are always creating. "Words are spirit, words are energy, words are invisible matter and produce outcomes."

Friday, August 7, 2015

Homelessness & Poverty

The Once-A-Month Church community outreach to the poor and homeless events were held from 2006-March 2016. We began meeting first at the Burton Barr Library in central Phoenix--to the Margaret T. Hance Park--to under the Central Avenue Bridge and the last years at the Monterey Park, Phoenix. The key of its success was building self-esteem in the hearts of broken people. Through the years, they were served thousands of meals, distributed hundreds and hundreds of pounds of clothing, shoes and personal necessities, celebrated holidays, raised money and resources for their children's toys at Christmas and gift baskets at Easter, but included in every event was strong spiritual self-esteem building. Changing them internally in their hearts, creating a new mental image of themselves and with empowered thinking and believing patterns, God called them "Super Stars."

In the last year, the outreach had 100 people who had obtained homes and apartments, 100 with cell phones and 175 people with email addresses who had learned basic computer skills from the local library. On the last meeting day, one senior participant was so proud to have purchased his own used van! They learned at every meeting that they were "Super Stars" and not homeless and poor people living in poverty and on the street.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

"You Deserve to live a life of Peace, Love and Joy"

For years Dorothy's life was filled with financial hardships, divorce, domestic violence, struggles in being a single parent of three children, illness, and sorrow from her mother's death. Through it all emerged a strong faith and teaching revelations that she now shares with others. Whenever God placed her feet before hurting people she was always willing to help. For over four decades she has worked in a variety of professional capacities in both the private and religious sectors.

Transform your life from living with past hurts, quiet sufferings and disappointments to living in peace, love and joy everyday! Dorothy teaches with simplicity and provides easy steps in a very powerful way for people to receive success and their desired results when attending her meetings, workshops, and classes. When it comes to actually living your life in peace, love and joy everyday--she has achieved it!

In 1980 she became a compassionate leader teaching women home Bible studies and later created a ministry called the Homemaker's Tea which empowered the lives of hundreds of women over seven years. In the 1990's she became the founder of a church in west Phoenix called Beulah Land Ministries. As its pastor and administrator, she taught God's messages and healing to many broken people and families. After five years, the church closed and she opened her first counseling agency, Get It Together People Center, later called the Wellington Institute School of Life & Living. She developed her own counseling modality called, "Inspirational Counseling." For 15 years she helped to change the lives of hurting people through counseling and classes, workshops, conferences and special events. Her passion also led her to work on contract as a therapist for domestic violence and court-ordered anger management groups.

Through employment at a behavioral health agency, she developed a course, Spirituality in Recovery, for a men's alcohol and substance abuse therapy group. She also became the Program Director for a community parenting skills program where she wrote the grant proposals and supervised a staff of instructors for seven years.


The words of faith, love, teaching and healing compose the common thread of Dorothy's life purpose. And this thread led her in October 2006 - March 2016 to the poor and homeless in central Phoenix. She became the founder of the Once-A-Month Church meeting in the parks and in June 2010, also implemented for them the Streets of Gold Leadership Program Her meetings with the poor and homeless were to teach and inspire them in their greatness as Super Stars in reaching their plans and goals and to serve others.


This teaching Academy began in November 2015, a place where people learn more about God and how to access the miraculous to live in peace, love and joy no matter their circumstances. People grow in wisdom, knowledge and increased understanding using His Laws and Principles for truth as a daily reality in all life circumstances. You will experience how to "Know God, Love God and Live with His Power!" The Just God Academy is perfect for people to gain power, victory and rich rewards for the supernatural. Open for guests, visitors and Elite Students who will receive a Certificate of Achievement after attending 12 classes. The Just God Academy meets at a Denny's Restaurant, 5161 West Thunderbird, Glendale AZ, every second Saturday of the month, 10:30 a.m. See enrollment and meeting dates on website.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Prayer Power Equation

In meetings for the "Prayer Power Equation" Dorothy brings an awareness that will be life changing to the audience and they will become better equipped to live their lives in peace, love and joy. She survived all the complications and hardships in her life because of a relationship with God and prayer. "The Prayer Power Equation is precious to me because I have lived through many valleys and often with few mountain top experiences. But God was always there as my rescue and pouring wisdom into my heart and soul, not only to just survive, but to be happy and victorious." From her life experiences, arose the revelation that "Negative + Positive = Desire." "One step forward and two steps backwards" is not a formula for success, but one that will keep you on a pathway to failure. All things that you desire in your physical life has its beginning in the spiritual realm. "With God all things are possible." Reference book, The Prayer Power Equation, can be ordered at the website link on the right (Wellington Books).

Friday, May 13, 2011


To be a Guest Speaker for your congregation or group, review your request in the area of your need and also from titles listed on this page. Please go to YouTube Channel for a multitude of teaching videos, Click link on right side. Topics and times can be catered to meet your specific needs, times and dates. Dorothy provides excellent life tools and inspiration for treatment centers, behavioral health therapy groups and professionals, churches and faith-based organizations, human resource departments and employees.

Healing for Life Hardships
Participants will increase their understanding that their physical and non-physical (spiritual) body are one and this unity is necessary for holistic healing and well-being. Healing for Life Hardships does not require a religion, pastor or synagogue, everyone can learn to receive spiritual (heart) healing and even gain more in being healed from physical ailments and emotional traumas. Spiritual Healing has a part in being healed from sickness and disease, addictions, drugs, alcohol, relationships, divorce, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, etc. The invisible field of spirit (the unseen, the subconscious mind) influences 95% of a person's behavior and actions. Participants will learn the Eight Barriers to Truth (Resistance to Healing) and complete an exercise on Spiritual Forgiveness. The learned knowledge and awareness can be applied to self-improvement, work, home and relationships. Reference book, "Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion" can be ordered at website link on the right (Wellington Books).

How to Live In God's Presence
Feel alone, how does God become my companion? Learn how to live in the supernatural with God in a physical world and how to continue maturing in a love relationship with Him. How can you love an invisible God? Participants will become better equipped in examining their motives to why they do the things they do. Are you afraid of what you think to share with others because it sounds different, not of the norm? God wants you to learn and experience Him. From Personal Intimacy with God, participants will start to desire more growth in spiritual knowledge and wisdom. You can't physiologically locate the spiritual center of a person's inner world, but it is there. It is here that we most intimately commune with God. Participants will be excited in allocating their time everyday to be In God's Presence. Reference workbook, "In God's Presence" and the "12-Month Spiritual Journal" can be ordered at website link on the right (Wellington Books).

Leave Stressful Living to Power & Fearless Living
Fear has torment and separates you from your faith in God and the miraculous. You will learn how powerful you are in overcoming problems and hardships by saying Yes to Faith and No to Fear. Learn why it is important to let go of fearful prayers, worried prayers and depressed prayers. It is God's heart and desire for you to live in peace, love and joy everyday. Learn how to speak in Fearless Faith and receive what you say! Remove the obstacles that have kept you from having Fearless Faith in God and having Faith in yourself. Be empowered in how to handle your fears and to live by Faith in God's Truth. Reference book, "Meet the Fear of Fear" can be ordered at website link on the right (Wellington Books).

Celebrating Life After Loss
Any loss that causes a significant change in our lives is a life loss. Death is the most obvious life loss. "When a person is born, we celebrate; when they marry we jubilate; but when they die we act as if nothing has happened." (Margaret Mead). The workshop will unfold the hidden sufferings of losing a love one and will also provide added insight to professionals who work with grief and loss from suicide. The workshop will be beneficial to those who have experienced a recent loss or from years ago. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will understand that their grief is normal and that the process in loss can lead to healing and personal growth. Reference book, "Celebrating Life After Loss, Grief to Healing"


Graduate of Grand Canyon University, B.A. in Christian Studies and Psychology 1995.
Community Luminary 2011 from the State of Black Arizona.
Community Hero, 12-News with Lin Sue Cooney, February 2010.
Purple Heart for Domestic Violence Survivor Certificate, October 2006.
Ordained Clergy 1989.
NAACP Image Award, 1976.

Media coverage for many events working with the poor and homeless, reported on most local TV stations as Fox-10 News, 12 News-NBC, News 15-ABC, News 5-KPHO, News 3TV-KTVK, and Univision


"I have become an expert at going through many life hardships and illness, to have gained wisdom in them and be a minister in the hands...