Sunday, March 9, 2014

"You Deserve to live a life of Peace, Love and Joy"

For years Dorothy's life was filled with financial hardships, divorce, domestic violence, struggles in being a single parent of three children, illness, and sorrow from her mother's death. Through it all emerged a strong faith and teaching revelations that she now shares with others. Whenever God placed her feet before hurting people she was always willing to help. For over four decades she has worked in a variety of professional capacities in both the private and religious sectors.

Transform your life from living with past hurts, quiet sufferings and disappointments to living in peace, love and joy everyday! Dorothy teaches with simplicity and provides easy steps in a very powerful way for people to receive success and their desired results when attending her meetings, workshops, and classes. When it comes to actually living your life in peace, love and joy everyday--she has achieved it!

In 1980 she became a compassionate leader teaching women home Bible studies and later created a ministry called the Homemaker's Tea which empowered the lives of hundreds of women over seven years. In the 1990's she became the founder of a church in west Phoenix called Beulah Land Ministries. As its pastor and administrator, she taught God's messages and healing to many broken people and families. After five years, the church closed and she opened her first counseling agency, Get It Together People Center, later called the Wellington Institute School of Life & Living. She developed her own counseling modality called, "Inspirational Counseling." For 15 years she helped to change the lives of hurting people through counseling and classes, workshops, conferences and special events. Her passion also led her to work on contract as a therapist for domestic violence and court-ordered anger management groups.

Through employment at a behavioral health agency, she developed a course, Spirituality in Recovery, for a men's alcohol and substance abuse therapy group. She also became the Program Director for a community parenting skills program where she wrote the grant proposals and supervised a staff of instructors for seven years.


The words of faith, love, teaching and healing compose the common thread of Dorothy's life purpose. And this thread led her in October 2006 - March 2016 to the poor and homeless in central Phoenix. She became the founder of the Once-A-Month Church meeting in the parks and in June 2010, also implemented for them the Streets of Gold Leadership Program Her meetings with the poor and homeless were to teach and inspire them in their greatness as Super Stars in reaching their plans and goals and to serve others.


This teaching Academy began in November 2015, a place where people learn more about God and how to access the miraculous to live in peace, love and joy no matter their circumstances. People grow in wisdom, knowledge and increased understanding using His Laws and Principles for truth as a daily reality in all life circumstances. You will experience how to "Know God, Love God and Live with His Power!" The Just God Academy is perfect for people to gain power, victory and rich rewards for the supernatural. Open for guests, visitors and Elite Students who will receive a Certificate of Achievement after attending 12 classes. The Just God Academy meets at a Denny's Restaurant, 5161 West Thunderbird, Glendale AZ, every second Saturday of the month, 10:30 a.m. See enrollment and meeting dates on website.


"I have become an expert at going through many life hardships and illness, to have gained wisdom in them and be a minister in the hands...