Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Prayer Power Equation

In meetings for the "Prayer Power Equation" Dorothy brings an awareness that will be life changing to the audience and they will become better equipped to live their lives in peace, love and joy. She survived all the complications and hardships in her life because of a relationship with God and prayer. "The Prayer Power Equation is precious to me because I have lived through many valleys and often with few mountain top experiences. But God was always there as my rescue and pouring wisdom into my heart and soul, not only to just survive, but to be happy and victorious." From her life experiences, arose the revelation that "Negative + Positive = Desire." "One step forward and two steps backwards" is not a formula for success, but one that will keep you on a pathway to failure. All things that you desire in your physical life has its beginning in the spiritual realm. "With God all things are possible." Reference book, The Prayer Power Equation, can be ordered at the website link on the right (Wellington Books).


"I have become an expert at going through many life hardships and illness, to have gained wisdom in them and be a minister in the hands...