Spiritual Healing Beyond Religion
A study guide and healing book for helping professionals and anyone who has experienced the unfortunate pains of life. This book will revolutionize your concepts in how to be healed from hurtful life events. The impossibility is made possible. People have been struggling to be set free from their suffering for years--now in four easy steps they can be happy and thoroughly enjoy life.

The 12-Month Spiritual Journal
In order to get the most out of your life on earth, everyone must participate in spiritual disciplines. Our ways and length of times will differ, but spiritual disciplines should be a way of life. The Journal will help you develop Spiritual Disciplines that are necessary in your maturity being in-spirit with God. If you are old or new in your relationship with God, this Journal is an excellent workbook to add to your daily tasks. The Spiritual Disciplines will increase your understanding, faith, commitment and ability to hear from God.

Basic Principles for Change 30-Day Plan
You may have been living with a habit or behavior that has been destructive to your well being for a long time. The "Basic Principles for Change Workbook" will give you that opportunity to transform these self-defeating habits and behaviors into a higher level of joyful existence. We often resist change, but great things can happen if we would only take a step of faith to change. You are going to learn that miracles can happen in change.


"I have become an expert at going through many life hardships and illness, to have gained wisdom in them and be a minister in the hands...